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SEAL-GUARD® SEALANTS’ impregnators for grout, tile and stone, are the culmination of over thirty-five years of intensive research and development globally in the field of protective coatings.  The “Gus the Seal” trademark is recognized world-wide as representative of the finest quality sealants available on the market today.

SEAL-GUARD® SEALANTS (UK) LTD established its registered office in England over three years ago and since that time, has seen a dramatic increase in demand for its unique products culminating in a network of distributors in the UK, Italy, France, the Benelux and Sweden with further plans for expansion underway into the rest of Western and Eastern Europe.

Originally manufactured in Australia and the United States under the tradename “Sure Seal®”, Seal-Guard® Sealants introduced its first product to the European market – the award winning, world’s first quick-drying aerosol grout and tile sealer.  Since that time, demand for larger quantities for larger jobs has led to production of Seal-Guard® quick-drying impregnator in 1 litre, 5 litre, 20 litre and 200 litre quantities.

Seal-Guard® products are easy to apply, quick drying and are ideal for both the professional contractor and the “do it yourself” handyman.  The products are particularly popular with the DIY consumer because of their ease of use and durability.  The world’s first Seal-Guard® Grout and Tile aerosol sealer seals both dry and damp grout lines between glazed ceramic tiles.  Overspray to the surrounding tiles is not a problem, as Seal-Guard® is invisible upon application and will not cause any haze, yellowing or discoloration.

Seal-Guard® products are used on all types of grout, tile, sandstone, terra cotta, quarry tile, marble, granite, concrete and masonry, against water and oil based stains.  Seal-Guard® products, both solvent and water-based, do not contain silicones, will last for years and will not change the appearance or texture of the treated surface. They are non-yellowing, lets the materials breathe and are UV light resistant.  Seal-Guard® can be used on damp surfaces, especially damp tile grout, within 20 minutes of installation--an industry first.

Seal-Guard® oil and water repellents have been successfully tested by the prestigious Tile Council of America for stain repellency, water vapor transmission and coefficient of friction. (Test results available upon request).  

Seal-Guard® will introduce its entire product line into the EU tile and stone markets by the end of 2008, which will include its impregnator for porcelain and stone, water-based impregnators for stone protection, stone enhancers, cleaners, graffiti shields and graffiti removers.

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