Seal-Guard® Sealants

Seal-Guard® Sealants are easy to use, quick drying and can be applied to grout, tile or masonry surfaces, on both interior and exterior surfaces, without a problem. They are ideal for application on polished and unpolished porcelain, marble, granite, terracotta, sandstone, limestone, quarry tiles, concrete (both new and old work) brick, etc. They have been tested and proven to seal damp, uncured, or existing grout without a problem. They are invisible upon application and will not change the appearance or texture of the treated surface and there is no residue, “whiting” puddling, discoloration, etching or yellowing. They will not harm aluminium, wood or carpet, are UV light resistant, and allow the treated surface to breathe.

Seal-Guard® - Grout & Tile Aerosol Sealer / Impregnator

  • Seal-Guard® Award winning Sealer.
  • Quick drying without any discolouration.
  • Seals freshly applied grout within minutes.
  • Requires only one coat for long lasting protection for only cents a meter.

Seal-Guard® - Tile, Grout & Masonry Sealer / Impregnator [Fast Drying]

  • Same award winning formulation in a liquid.
  • Suitable on all types of tile & masonry surfaces including grout (damp/wet or dry).
  • Tiler's and D.I.Y's sealer of choice throughout the world.

Seal-Guard® - Impregnator for Porcelain & Stone

  • Low Odour.
  • Slower Drying; easy to work with.
  • Helps prevent permanent staining.
  • Resists UV degradation.
  • Allows treated surface to breathe.

Sure Clean - Porcelain & Stone Cleaner

  • Contains no acids.
  • Removes wax, dirt & grout residue from porcelain and stone surfaces quickly and easily.
  • Cost effective.
  • Safe for use on all wall and floor surfaces.

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