Grout & Tile Aerosol Sealer

Seal-Guard® Grout & Tile Aerosol Sealer – World’s first aerosol grout and tile sealer, specifically formulated to seal grout lines between glazed ceramic tiles. Overspray on surrounding ceramic tiles is not a problem, as Seal-Guard® dries invisible. Winner of the “Best New Industry Product” award in Oct. 2003 by the Australian Tile Council. This quick-drying impregnator can be applied to benchtops, bathroom/shower recesses, small floor areas on all types of grout, tile and masonry surfaces. Can be used to seal damp/wet grout within 20 minutes of installation, as well as dry grout. Will not harm aluminium, wood or carpet.

Grout & Tile Aerosol Sealer has a Lifetime Guarantee.


Clean area to be treated before applying. Always test product in an inconspicuous area for suitability. Hold can approximately 15-20 cm away from desired surface and spray in a sweeping motion. A 2-l/2 hour curing time is recommended upon completion of application. For wet areas, such as shower recesses, etc., allow sealer to cure at least 24 hours.


To clean treated areas, simply use water and mild detergent. There is no need to use harsh cleaning agents such as abrasive powders, ammonia, acids or bleach.


Un Number: 1950
Appearance: Aerosol, fine clear spray
ADR Class: 2.1 Flammable Gases
Quantities: Seal-Guard™ aerosol can is 600 ml, packaged 12 cans to a carton.


If not completely satisfied with product performance when used as directed, contact Seal Guard for product replacement or refund of purchase price upon return of unused portion. Replacement cost for labour and installation materials, such as tile, are excluded. Any variance from the terms, misuse or misapplication of the product shall void and nullify this guarantee.


Expected wear is up to 22 years on horizontal surfaces, and lifetime on vertical surfaces depending on the material, use and maintenance of the surface being protected. Extreme weather conditions, harsh cleaning methods and high-alkaline or solvent-based cleaners will affect the life expectancy of this product.


Sure Seal Sealants (Seal-Guard Sealants (UK) Ltd.), claims are supported by tests performed by the prestigious Tile Council of America against staining, water vapour transmission, coefficient of friction and application on damp grout. Test report number TCA-066-098.


Consult the Seal-Guard® Grout & Tile Aerosol Sealer Material Safety Data Sheet for complete details on safe handling and storage instructions.

Manufactured by:

Seal-Guard Sealants (UK) Ltd., Ashcombe House, 5 The Crescent, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 8DY, UK. See

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