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Seal-Guard® Grout & Tile Aerosol Sealer

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The world's first aerosol grout and tile sealer

This product - the first of its kind in the tile industry - has been specially developed for sealing grout lines between glazed ceramic tiles. It is fast drying and easy to use. Overspray on surrounding glazed ceramic tiles is not a problem: it dries invisibly and does not leave any discolouration or film on the treated surface. This product won the Australian Tile Council’s prestigious 'Best New Industry Product' award in 2003.


Can be applied to any type of tiling or masonry on or in worktops, kitchen surfaces, WCs, bathrooms/shower rooms and small floor areas. Ideal for small-scale sealing work. Harmless to aluminium, wood and flooring.

Directions for use

Clean the surface to be treated before applying the product. Test the product for suitability by spraying an inconspicuous spot first. Hold the can approximately 15-20 cm from the surface and move it back and forth while spraying. Allow to cure for 2½ hours. In humid environments, such as shower cubicles, etc., allow the sealer to dry for at least 24 hours.

Coverage of 400 ml aerosol can

Up to 400 linear metres when sealing joints, depending on width; or up to 15 square metres when sealing tiles and grout lines.

Coverage of 600 ml aerosol can

Up to 600 linear metres when sealing joints, depending on width; or up to 22 square metres when sealing tiles and grout lines.


Clean treated surfaces with water and a mild detergent. Aggressive cleaning agents such as scouring powders, ammonia, acids or bleach are unnecessary.

Life expectancy

If treated surfaces are cared for properly, Seal-Guard® will remain effective for many years. However, heavily trafficked surfaces should be checked annually and, if necessary, resealed.


Each Seal-Guard® aerosol can contains 400 ml or 600 ml net (12 x 400 ml per box) (12 x 600 ml per box).

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